Philanthropic Contest 2021

What would you do with $100,000?

This year, we’re honouring children!

We’re donating $500,000 to charities.

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Announcement of the winners: Week of December 6, 2021

4 grand prize donations of $100,000
8 donations of $10,000

Our fifth annual philanthropic contest is honouring Canadian charities in the health, education, environment or social services sectors focused on helping children (0-18 years old).

To be eligible, your charity must have one of the following:

  • 1 – A focus on helping children directly.
  • 2 –A component of your mission focused on helping children.
  • 3 –A program focused on helping children.

Enter by submitting your project!

12 charities will be chosen and submitted for the public to vote on.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible, your organization must:

  • Be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Operate in the health, education, environment or social services sectors
  • Aim to improve Canadians’ quality of life
  • Demonstrate that your organization focuses on helping children directly, has a component of your mission focused on helping children or has a program focused on helping children
  • Demonstrate that the donation will directly support the cause or project presented
  • Provide assistance to individuals – we are not looking for organizations that help other organizations
  • An innovative project would be considered an asset
  • Demonstrate that the donation would be used for concrete initiatives starting in 2022 at the latest.

We will not give donations to the following causes and activities:

  • Religious
  • Political
  • Advocacy
  • Student travel and internships
  • Graduate yearbooks
  • Amateur or professional sports
  • Retiree, social or sporting clubs
  • Organizations operating outside Canada
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Important dates


Submission period

September 15 to October 15


Selection of the 12 finalists by the jury

October 16 to October 30


Announcement of the 12 finalists and public vote

November 4 to 30


Announcement of the winners

Week of December 6

Enter your charity now!

Important: before entering all the information that will help us evaluate your request, we will ask you a few questions that to confirm whether the charity for which you are making a request is eligible under the established criteria.

You will need the following information and documents before submitting your project:

  • Your charity number (issued by the Canada Revenue Agency)
  • The name of your project
  • An explanation of how your organization aims to provide direct help to children or of the component of your mission or program focused on helping children, and how the $100,000 donation would support your cause or project. You can attach a more detailed document before submitting the contest entry for your organization.
  • Your organization’s mission
  • Your latest financial statement

1- Does your charity meet the criteria?

Ex.: 000000000RR0000

We will not give donations to certain causes and activities. Is your submission for:

Your request does not meet our criteria since the charity does not issue charitable receipts.

2- Your charity’s contact information

Ex.: 999 999-9999

3- Tell us about your charity

Word count:
Word count:

4- Specifically...

Character count:

IMPORTANT: If your charity is selected, this is the text that will appear to the public.

Word count:

IMPORTANT: If your organization is selected for the next step, this text will be presented to the public.

Word count:
Word count:
Word count:

5- Documents to be submitted

Only the following file types are accepted: jpg, gif, pdf, doc, xls and ppt.
The maximum size for each file is 15 MB.

If you wish to tell us more about your project, you may attach a document.

    Please attach your most recent financial statements

      Please attach a draft schedule

        Please attach a draft budget

          You may add a relevant document that will be used to evaluate your submission.